Revolutionary Home Brain Training for Children with ADHD

A Complete Home Cognitive Cross-Training  Program

  • Measures and improves working memory, self-control, sustained attention and other Executive Function skills needed for daily life and to succeed in school.
  • Utilizes neuroscience-based computer games with exciting and colorful characters along with physical exercises the whole family can engage in and enjoy.
  • Easy-to-understand reporting using data collected from cognitive assessments based on cognitive science research literature with customized email alerts.

Want ACTIVATE™ in Your Child's School?

ACTIVATE™ for School provides the same revolutionary cognitive training and physical exercise program as ACTIVATE™ for Home but with tools and support built for  teachers and school administrators. Schools around the world use ACTIVATE™ – whether with small learning communities or with all their students.

Complete Cognitive Training and Assessment for Children

This complete computerized cognitive training program has been described as the most sophisticated system ever attempted. With 6 unique games featuring hundreds of levels of difficulty that target specific skills, it provides personalized web-based training that automatically adjusts to each child. The program was developed specifically to help children with ADHD but effectively improves cognitive abilities for children across all cognitive levels.

Why It Works

This unique cross-training program was designed and developed by renowned Yale neuroscientists, utilizing the latest research in cognitive flexibility.

What They Play

These neuroscience-based games are specifically designed to increase and strengthen your child’s ability to concentrate and focus, retain information, and much more.
Every click your child makes in every game sends data in real-time to your Parent Portal for in-depth reporting and custom alerts that you define.

Advanced Cognitive Training...That's FUN!

ACTIVATE™ is comprised of 6 different computer games –each of which strengthens specific cognitive skills. Children will have fun helping out Captain Bluefeather and his crew and while rising in the ranks aboard the pirate ship – all the while sharpening their focus, attention, memory and self-control. ACTIVATE™ is easily accessible on your iPad, Kindle, or desktop computer.