Reduce Depression, Stress And Anxiety With REJUVENATE™

The parts of your brain that develop and manage your cognitive functions also manage your emotions and mood. If these parts of the brain weaken, they may no longer be able to prevent or control negative feelings and thoughts, which can lead to depression. REJUVENATE™ is a system of psychological assessments and computer-guided mental exercises that physically strengthen these brain systems to improve cognitive function and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, making you feel happier, calmer and better able to manage your daily life.

Clinically Validated to Reduce The Effects of Depression

In two ground-breaking clinical trials, C8’s patented “catch the ball” exercises were a key ingredient in reducing depressed feelings to normal levels in 72% and 58% of older adults who had not improved after using standard medications. In addition, the exercises also improved their thinking abilities, but medication did not.

These are the first randomized controlled clinical trials to show that computerized brain training exercises can reduce feelings of depression in older patients who did not get better after taking medications.

REJUVENATE™ contains new advanced versions of “catch the ball” and the other exercises from those studies.

Feel The Energy From Increasing Your Cognitive Skills

In other studies, REJUVENATE™ improved thinking abilities in adults who did not have depression. People from age 50 to 95 showed significant improvements in:

  • Working Memory
  • Self-Control
  • Attention
  • Processing speed
  • Fine Motor Movement
  • Mental Flexibility
  • Daily Functions and Activities


REJUVENATE’s™ computerized cognitive exercises strengthen the brain’s neurosystems that control our cognitive functions, emotions, and mood in the same way that our brain has developed since birth,  through the stimulation that occurs by interacting with events in our environment with our eyes, ears, other senses, and physical movements. REJUVENATE’s™ powerful effects come from its patented blend of interactive tasks that challenge all the important cognitive function skills not just one or two. These include our ability to focus and remain attentive, avoid distractions, retain information in our memory, change focus without losing track of what we were doing previously, think quickly, recognize patterns, categorize information, and handle multiple tasks at once. The exercises start out easy but become more difficult as more cognitive skills are added to successfully perform the tasks.
You will take a series of computerized cognitive and emotional health assessments that are the same as the ones used by psychologists for treating their patients.
Play the training exercises 20-30 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week. REJUVENATE™ will guide the choice of exercises you can perform to ensure that you work on all the cognitive function skills.
Retake the assessments when REJUVENATE™ presents them, and follow your progress in the comprehensive dashboard. Continue playing to keep growing and maintain your skills.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee