Enhancing Cognitive Performance

Cognitive Assessment Tools and Brain Training That Works

A Revolutionary Cognitive Assessment Tool and Brain Training Program for Children with ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Low Academic Performance

C8 Sciences develops a neuroscience-based cognition assessment and development products that have the potential to solve some of the most significant problems in childhood education and in our aging population.  C8 Sciences is the only brain training software company to offer integrated computer games and physical exercises – “cognition cross-training.”  Our cognitive training products are based on proprietary research developed at Yale University by Dr. Bruce Wexler, and our technology is so impressive that Dr. Wexler and Yale were awarded a prestigious $4M Director’s Office Grant by the National Institutes of Health to study the use of ACTIVATE™  for treating ADHD, a grant reserved only for research programs that have the potential for a paradigm change in US healthcare. In that study, 53% of children with inattentive and combined forms of ADHD who used ACTIVATE™ improved their symptoms more than 30% and had significant gains the three cognitive function skills most important for learning: working memory, attention and response inhibition.

Our brain training program offers a fundamentally different approach to learning. ACTIVATE™ improves brain function directly and enables students to learn the content-based course materials more easily.

Our initial product, ACTIVATE™, is being used with transformative results in numerous schools and educational programs in a variety of settings. ACTIVATE™ students have outperformed their classmates on standardized tests, the key measure of district performance ratings which determine federal funding,  and children with learning difficulties have shown remarkable improvement.

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